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About us

Alexa for Chemicals and Plastics Company specialized in manufacturing modern building chemicals and agricultural chemical products.

Alexa aims to build trusting relationships with all of its customers through:

Presenting a new, developed thought interested in the latest global technologies to participate in making a change in its fields of specialization and creating a better future, as we are distinguished and different as we are distinguished by our quality and different by our development. Quality continues through our relationships with customers and their satisfaction and trust in us.

Alexa also aims to provide products full of creative and technical touches that contribute to changing the concept of building chemicals products and traditional agricultural chemical products by providing the best modern products that are based on continuous research and development in Alexa laboratories and provide products that differ in terms of their effectiveness in performing the purpose for which they were manufactured.

Alexa excels in its products because it relies on creating unique and high-quality chemical products for its customers through scientific seminars as well as participating in the most important exhibitions of building and construction materials, decoration and agricultural development exhibitions locally, regionally and internationally that affects in our future life and achieves growth and profitability.

The company will continue its efforts to improve the efficiency of operational processes, reduce costs, improve the quality of the manufacturing process, continue to compete and expand its share in the local, Arab and international market through strategic partnerships with success partners around the world.

Alexa realizes that opportunity for growth and expansion lies in adopting an innovative approach to make the best use of its resources.

Therefore, Alexa aims to find additional value in each component of the chemicals it produces.

Alexa is a company based on modern management, which always looks forward to providing the latest and best technologies and scientific and practical methods in its products, which helps it to develop permanently and face modern challenges, that reflects the quality of the product and helps Alexa customers to excel and progress.

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